Selma Blair Receives Standing Ovation After Making Surprise 2022 Emmys Appearance

Selma Blair received warm welcome from audience during Emmys Awards 2022 in Microsoft Theater when she presented the final award of the night 

Selma hold tears in her eyes and said "I am so, so honored. Thank you,"I am honored to be here this evening to present the final award for Outstanding Drama Series." 

 Selma's unexpected appearance was certainly a moment for viewers both at home and in person.

Selma also said she joined the show to inspire others with disabilities and prove that you can accomplish your dreams and goals.

"Kindness and visibility is so important, to explore, be curious and expose people to differences of speech or movement," she explained. "It's for everyone at home that it resonates with."

Finally, she said to the media that "I'm so happy, so invigorated by this,"  "This is a new chapter of growing my stamina and really healing. Not just healing, but finding strength and support."

Blair has undergone chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant to treat her MS symptoms “The pain is still there,” Blair added of her physical condition. “I'm in remission I built no new lesions.